Getting your business started with social media marketing and not sure how to start?

I have the perfect guide for you which will help you achieve your goal.  

To excel with social media, you need to follow some steps before expecting numbers or engagement.

As we all know,

“You can’t build a great structure with a weak foundation “

Similarly, you have to set a strong foundation to strengthen your social media marketing game.


  • Create a social media strategy 

How to start making one? Read carefully,

1. Set strategic goal

        Rather than working in a blind faith set some goals by maintaining a document that maps out how your organization plans to use different social networks to achieve important business outcomes. 

This document is where you’ll establish your goals for using social media, identify the audience you’re trying to reach, and build a roadmap for all your activities on those channels. Developing your own strategy document is important because it’ll help you clarify your company’s priorities, plan out your campaigns more thoughtfully, and collaborate with others.  

2.Define your audience

        You cannot reach to everyone on social media. Getting a good amount of reach on social media is really great but only when we are reaching to the right set of audiences else you will end without any conversion.

Instead, identify who exactly your audience is by creating customer personas as part of your social media strategy. By understanding the pain points, interest, and demographics of the target audience you can personalize your messaging.

  •  Choose the right medium

        The correct approach to social media is choosing the right set of channels rather than trying to be everywhere with no cohesive strategy.

Research about the channel’s audience to find out if your customers are actually active there. With the help of provided data about the audience’s demographics, user activity which you can use for reference and decide if this is the right channel for your business.

Understanding what types of content are most often shared per channel, each platform’s specific features and the psychology of a channel’s user base can help guide your decisions.

  •  what you should be publishing on social media

1.craft an engaging messaging:

Identify the topics that are valuable to your customers. Select 3-5 categories of topics to direct what issues you will address on the platforms. 

Here, the customer persona you made while defining your audience will guide you to draft the messaging. You can talk about the benefits of your product in the messaging but taking it beyond will give you the opportunity to connect with your audience. Make it entertaining, educational, and value-driven. 

2. Balance your editorial calendar:          

Your editorial calendar keeps your goal-focused and organized. You can use tools like CoSchedule / Hootsuite for that purpose.

 3. Paid advertising 

To earn the attention or to reach more audiences in a limited time you can opt for paid advertising. You can choose the campaign type according to your goal, write engaging messaging, choose the target audience and you are set to go. After this just monitor your campaign and make changes in future campaigns according to the result to make the most of paid advertising.

  • Interact with your audience

1.Build the Community:

The best way to grow your business on social media is by building a community. You can win your audience on social media by taking input on your campaigns, actively responding to feedback, and featuring their input in your messaging.

2. customer service: 

Customers’ net promoter score drops by 43% when their comments go unanswered. So, just think about what kind of a result you can achieve when you actively respond to them. Tools like a keyhole, mentions will help you find mentions of your business on various platforms. At the end of the day, you just need to ensure your customers that you listen, respond, and take the necessary actions.

  • Measure your Social media activity 

The amount of time you invest in creating and perfecting your campaigns the same amount of time you need to give to measure the campaigns to know its worth. 

There are tools, like Google AnalyticsMixpanel, and Matomo, to help companies measure progress. Then, there are tools that only measure social media, like Keyhole and quintly, providing detailed insights into your progress on these platforms, as well as the analytics features of social media management tools like Sprout Social and Agorapulse. 

To succeed on social media you need to know which campaigns/activities doing better. 

Last but not least,

INNOVATE & EXPERIMENT with social media. Once you have mastered the best practices, you can start experimentation to take your brand to the next level.


That’s it for this topic folks!

I’m signing off for now, let me know your tactics, experiences, and the problems you face with social media marketing in the comment section. 

I would love to hear your views.